ncik robinson : origami artist
I also design websites and provide illustration skills for commercial projects. Please read my commercial origami FAQ, then get in touch if you have any requests for information or to discuss possible work. Below are just a few of the more notable companies I have worked with.

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I am a professional origami artist and author and I've been folding paper for over 30 years. I never cease to be amazed by the geometric possibilities and sheer beauty that lies dormant within a sheet of paper, waiting for the careful hand of the folder to awaken it.

Over the years, origami has brought me many friends, has inspired, amused and intrigued me, as well as being a source of income. It's a lucky man who gets to work at a subject he loves.

I have been a member of the British Origami Society for over 25 years. I edit their bimonthly magazine as well as maintaining their website since 1996. I have written around 60 books about origami, supplied photographs for articles on paper-folding and have fulfilled numerous commercial and charitable origami commissions involving origami and paper art, both within the UK and abroad.

unlock your potential!I have created several hundred original designs. I regularly teach origami in schools, arts centres and many other venues & have a clean enhanced DBS check.

Let me unlock the potential of origami for your creative campaigns!

Recent work
Monster (and other designs) m2 origami
Porky Pig for a client m2 origami
Purple Cows for a client m2 origami
Life sized polar bear and 1400 penguins in Germany m2 origami
Easy Origami magazine launched m2 origami
Logo created for a launch in Amsterdam m2 origami
Several concepts realised in paper for M2 m2 origami
50 Fish to be hung outside in Spain for a year! verve cliquot fish
A gift for a wedding anniversary V&A hat
Teaching at a museum In Dubai V&A hat
Jamie Kelley has made a video of my dolphin V&A hat
Creation of a hat for the V&A Museum. V&A hat
Folding 11 Swans for Chatsworth House V&A hat
Origami flowers for the Making Gifts magazine V&A hat
Designs for an award-winning Antalis campaign V&A hat
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