Here are some folds I've created over the past few years. Having started off favouring complex work, I now try to create simple, elegant designs. Those who think simple folds are simple to create should have a go! There is a fairly complete listing of diagrams I've had published (excluding origami convention books, where there are simply too many designs to list). Here are some photos of my designs that I've published in books.

Click on the pic/title below to view diagrams. There's one vintage hand-drawn set (for the Cheshire Cat), the rest are either GST Designworks, or the more recent ones are produced using Adobe Illustrator. I freely admit to being rubbish at creating expressive hands for my diagrams. I'd dearly love to be able to produce hands like those drawn by Mugumi Biddle! However, kunz-meister Paulo Mulatinho kindly drew one or two for me and I've added them to the library of symbols I regularly use.

These designs are all copyrighted and I'll protect that if necessary. The spirit of origami (as I see it) is about sharing, but also about common courtesy, so please ask before reproducing them in any format. If you see any of these for sale in an e-book, please let me know. They are the curse of the creative world. For specific guidance, check out the Origami Artists and Creators site.

Here's some basic information about A4 rectangles and valley/mountain folds

wentworth bowl a4 rhombic unit ruby unit shining heart 2 trimodule tree in winter
space shuttle santa Alis dish Brummy dish Sue's Flapper Star Dish
leaf skunk escher fish nodding dog nodding dog
3D Arrowhead Dish 6 2 modular stars 6 piece modular 3 or 4 step Mammoth
Flower Form Wallet Mountain 2 half cube Light Hearted
another CD case Toad t rex 3D illusion envelope quite complex... 1st image 2nd image 3rd image final image!
Elephants head
skunk dog's head
3 piece sunken cube illusion

Cat's head

3D oblong illusion

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