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La Toletta

tolettaThis (non-functional) design was created by Daniela Carboni and Michele Alfiere from Italy. It requires several sheet to complete, which seems somehow appropriate.

The model was an entry for the competition held at the 2006 CDO convention. The theme of the competition was "Water". From the time she heard about it, Daniela's partner pestered her to create the model for the contest. He had the initial idea about the toilet recipient folding, but due to lack of technical skills, he presented a prototype held in shape by adhesive tape and staples to his beloved.

Daniela, as a purist paperfolder, couldn't leave the situation like that and took the project in her hands. Michele also helped significantly during the development phase with lots of *constructive* criticism, so the model is credited to both of them and they are both flushed with pride.

Sadly it only gained 4th position. The first prize was won by Roberto Gretter with a "Water Drop", second prize was won by a certain Herman Van Goubergen with the action model "Ship moving on the Sea", the third prize was won by Cipho Mabona with another action model, the "Pufferfish".

We at OrigamiFun feel Daniela was robbed of first prize and are delighted to present pdf diagrams for you to see the majesty of her work. You will naturally wish to learn Italian to fully appreciate the words. Here are four starter phrases

WC: toilet recipient
Vaschetta: water container
Tavoletta: WC cover
Sedile: WC seat

schemi della toletta

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