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Eric Joisel

Eric, with typical Gallic disdain, has died. He does this sort of thing to annoy web-site managers who are expecting regular contributions from him. He asked me on several occaisions to marry him, but this is the last straw. I make a point of marrying a) women who are b) breathing. Hélas, I am now obliged to keep these pages as some kind of tribute, simply to annoy him.

The crazy Frenchman is an origami star, noted for his serious and artistic work. In his spare time, he is a "crazzy frog". He says: Many funny stories (or sometimes not sooo funny...) happen during conventions, exhibitions, workshops, any other types of encounts into the "origami world family". My purpose here is to relates some of them, "JUST FOR FUN"... ENJOY !

The links on the left are mostly Eric's blogs, with the newest is at the top. When he can be bozzered, he will write some more. He is taking a course on "English, for to speak proper" and will be updating the text soon. There are also a few "tribute" pages to this Gallic Superstar!

For those who want to emulate Eric's wealthy lifestyle and success with women, try these audio lessons in "Les Penses D'Eric".

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