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a gagroberto hisselfOrigags are a series of cartoons produced between '74 & '84 by Roberto Morassi and originally published in British Origami. Due to popular demand, they are published on the Internet for the first time. You are strongly advised to read the story behind the gag series before enjoying these classics! Each gag has it's own page so you can brighten up your next 60 days.

Long-time Foddy Fan Nick Robinson has sought and received the master's blessing to continue the series using Flash animation. You can enjoy them whilst listening to the "Origami Song®"1

the originals the new ones
origag 1
origag 10

origag 20

origag 30

origag 40

origag 50
Flashy Foddy 1 : Frog meets Penguin
Flashy Foddy 2 : Bear meets Duck
Flashy Foddy 3 : The Tipper Twins
Flashy Foddy 4 : Wodger and Wodewick Wabbit
Flashy Foddy 5 : A Pair of Pandas
Flashy Foddy 6 : The Container Society
Flashy Foddy 7 : An acrobatic Panda

1 a mute button has been provided after numerous requests

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