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Nick Robinson

Nick has long since given up trying to be a "serious" origamist. He lacks the skills to fold ultra-complex models, so wastes his time producing the models that nobody wants, such as "mouse behind cheese" (shown on the right), or "dog behind tree". Believe it or not, he has been given a medal for his contributions to low-grade origami humour.

For a typical slice of his approach, track down a copy of "Adult Origami", the book that shook the origami world to it's very roots. Or not. He has lots of other books, equally well worth investing in.

nr by ejHere's a delighful homage to him by Dutchman Eric Joisel, who according to European law is actually married to him. His wife is unsure about the whole thing. He's been lucky enough to be a guest at many conventions in the world, you can read about some using the links on the left.

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