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POPPADOM® stands for People Out Practising Paperfolding And Dining On Masala. It's a club for people who enjoy both origami and Indian meals, ideally, both at the same time! POPPADOM® is part of a wider organisation known as BOGS (British Origami Gourmet Society), who organise Chinese and italian evenings, amongst others! Membership is free, but a commitment to good eating and even better folding is essential.

Society rules are simple to grasp;

* Regular meetings should be held.
* Such meetings to be promoted as widely as possible.
* Paper is to be folded before, during and after the meal.
   (Napkins, bus tickets and chocolate wrappers count as paper for this rule.)
* Every opportunity should be taken to involve nearby tables in paper-folding.
* Waiters should be presented with impressive designs whenever possible.
   (Bartering to obtain a discount is acceptable, providing it is done discreetly)
* Ideally, meals should be preceded by extended bouts of paper-folding in a members house.
* Alcohol, for the purpose of lubricating the fingers, is to be encouraged but not obligatory.
* Members are encouraged to travel to meetings outside their immediate locality.
* When two members shall meet, the society motto will be exchanged, as follows:

1st person will say "I eat", to which the second person responds "therefore I fold".

Before being accepted into the ranks of POPPADOM®, you should;

* Be familar with the society rules
* Be prepared to fold paper in public without shame or tears
* Be able to fold the symbol of the society
* Be a coniseur coinisseur fan of Indian meals
* Have an appetite like a Congo gorilla
* Have table manners slightly above those of a Congo gorilla

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